Monday, October 16, 2017

Episode 14: Interview With Chief Rick Lasky

Podcast From The Bottom's first guest is none other than Chief Rick Lasky. He is one of the most well known figures in the fire service today. He is the author of the best selling book titled Pride and Ownership and co-author of the book titled Five Alarm Leadership


PFTB Episode Breakdown:


  • Warren is back in Florida and spending time with his wife and kids 
  • Kyle D. is a pro Dragon Boat Racer
  • Warren and Kyle D. give info about Chief Rick Lasky
  • Chief Rick Lasky Interview
  • Squad Talk - Firehouse Traditions
  • Blog of the Week - By Warren Evans

Author Warren Evans and Kyle D. have released their first podcast episode, so if you like the blog you will love the podcast!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

If I were a house what would I list for?

I need your imagination on this one. Take a moment and picture a moderate size house in a area you travel by everyday. Ask yourself, how much would that house sell for? STOP RIGHT THERE! I don't want you going on Zillow and finding comparables. I just want you to come up with a dollar amount. You can set the dollar amount to whatever you want. The number you came up with is known as the value. You can set the value of the house low or you could set it high. Nobody can tell you what the value of your house is. However, other people will tell you what the value is and try to convince you that they are right. The people offering you advice will probably be very credible. They could be a real estate agent, tax collector, or even family. These people will try and prove their argument by telling you things like the house is in bad location or it’s in poor condition or something bad has happened in that home before.

Right now, you're probably wondering why I'm talking about real-estate value and that's a fair question.

Now, consider yourself this imaginary house. Set your value RIGHT NOW without considering anything. And I mean ANYTHING. That wasn’t hard was it? Now, here’s the problem. Like your imaginary house, people in your life give you advice on who your are and what you should do. These people aren’t the prementioned real estate agents and tax collectors. However, they are the people that have played a role in your life. Good or bad. This could be a high school teacher, boss, friend, family member or even your spouse. The people that are giving you advice will indirectly judge your value based on where you’re from, based on you’re current intelligence or physical attributes, or even based on mistakes or problems you’ve been through.

You set your value regardless of what you are told by others around you and how convincing their points are. We all have the freedom to set our value as low or high as we wish under any circumstance. Set your value.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Good Bad Dichotomy

Regardless of our intrinsic altruistic intent, when we have convinced ourselves we are making a 100% good or bad decision we have just failed to realize the dichotomy of good and bad. Indeed, there is an absoluteness only in that a spectrum exists where both good and bad lay, interdependent on one another. Good is often defined by the absence of bad, and vice versa. However, in reality good and bad can only be defined by the presence of either entity. The truth is that without bad good has no meaning and no context, as is contiguously contrary. When making a decision, regardless of how "good" you think it is, stop and realize that there will be some degree of bad associated with this decision. This is a necessary conclusion for the purpose of connecting with a conscious reality. How often to hear one say "I was doing this for the right reason, how could this happen?"  Well.......... there it is, one has just failed to see the reality of the Good Bad Dichotomy. Do yourself a favor and don't be so unrealistic as to think things are 100% good or 100% bad. This will serve you well. Carry on. 


Monday, October 2, 2017

Episode 12: Your Life, Your Vision

Warren and Kyle D discuss having a vision in both personal and professional settings. 


Minute 2: Warren talks about new District 7 kids he got an opportunity to speak with.

Minute 4: Kyle D won't stop asking Warren about Ibuprofen.

Minute 9: Let's talk vision

Minute 10: Are we talking Elon Musk and Connor McGreggor 

Minute 11: Elon Musk

Minute 18: Connor McGreggor

Minute 21: Having a vision can change your interests

Minute 31: Viktor Frankl

Minute 35: Law of Attraction

Minute 40: DRUG TALK- Cancer Medications

Minute 50: Squad Talk- Warren hates walking through the toy section

Minute 57: Anti-Poverty Movement Blog "No Other Way"


Author Warren Evans and Kyle D. have released their first podcast episode, so if you like the blog you will love the podcast!!

Monday, September 18, 2017


In the long of short, how does one continue towards that which is so incredibly far and treacherous to reach? How do we confront the consciousness in touch with reality of what layeth ahead? Such a focus on distant future results invariably in time wasted. Though it is important to have a central goal and purpose, an over emphasis and dwelling on outcome can hinder the ability to attain any goal. Indeed, there is no single action one can take to have influence upon that which has been set forth, but only the present is subject to dominion of the determined. Put focus on what daily changes in the present will have the most cumulative and chronic effect on outcome. Discipline will serve one far beyond any quantification of motivation or inspiration. Discipline is what bridges the present with the imperceptibly distant future. In this mechanistic manner any goal can be accomplished by doing steps 1,2,3 repeat, 1,2,3 repeat, 1,2,3 repeat .............  We have the directions, we have the goal, so what is missing?  It takes an understanding that even with the best plan and vision in place, one has to submit to unavoidable suffering. One has to anticipate dissonance and shed any sense of idealistic preconceptions. Once the conclusion of reality has been ascertained and the goal set in stone, commencement is terminal. In this way it can be of central focus to find joy in your journey. This means to welcome every adversity as to disembowel it any affect of oppressivity. Welcome that which threatens to destroy you, invite it with your war song, as to deny it the power of fear. With such exigency and tenacity to contravene any resistance, your goal will be met with dignity and grace. This denouement is void of exception.


Episode 10: Breaking The Cycle

This is the first episode Warren and Kyle D are live in the studio together. They discuss the ever so hard task of breaking the cycle. 

Author Warren Evans and Kyle D. have released their first podcast episode, so if you like the blog you will love the podcast!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Have you ever thought about what distance means or how it affects you everything in your life. In scientific terms distance has the most profound influence on how strong or weak subatomic particles interact. Indeed, the further away you move two bodies apart in space the weaker the attraction between two entities become, based on relative charge of the particles. This principle holds true whether we are talking about electrons or planets, both the insanely small and amazingly large. Humans, we are nothing more than atoms of various heterogeneity, right? This solicits one to ask why we defy this natural law? How is it that when pulled away from one another we don't lose the attractivity for one another? If we are to obey natural law we should lose interactive force in an exponential magnitude in singular multiplicity to relationship with distance. There is something about humans that supersedes this most fundamental law, that everything else in this world must obey. How is this even possible? Something about the human capacity to love and to never forget is not of this world and certainly beyond our understanding.