Sunday, August 20, 2017

Episode 03: Is Drug Addiction Real?

Topic - Is addiction real? Medical student Warren Evans and Firefighter/paramedic argue the topic with their knowledge from the streets to statistics and studies.


Drug Talk - Let's party with Narcan.

Author Warren Evans and Kyle D. have released their first podcast episode, so if you like the blog you will love the podcast!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

No Other Way

It is the normal and most energetically favorable state of being is that of least resistivity. Indeed, almost as if to be hardwired to take the easy way out, ingrained by natural and scientific law. However, what is the response when there is  no path of reduced resistance, but only a path that requires tremendous energy. It is such that any living being revolts the most entropical state, but expenses a great deal of effort in spending energy to offset the natural state. In some circumstances there is no other way than through, no other way than up, and no way to turn back. Against every natural reflex to take a different way, a path of less resistance, there is none. To this end, your character will be defined in complete congruency with your response to the impeding stimulus. There is no other way. So, what's your choice??     


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Own Your Reality

How easy is it to become removed from the present; indeed, to distract from which is real? Whether this condition is intentional or resultant of complacency, we must strive to be present in reality in order to move forward with an intentional purpose. In warning, it is abhorrent to avoid that which we hate to face, and will destroy ones character and confidence in any attempt to refuse reality. There is no exception here. In contrast, it is infinitely honorable and constructive to your being to take full and complete ownership of your reality. This is not easy, nor should it be. To own your reality you must feel all that is composite of life, remove anything that lay between you and it. This is where you must endure the pain, allow yourself to feel the pain, physical and psychological. Regardless of the distraction thereof, remove it. Only through intimate exposure to reality will it be possible move forward. In owning your reality and allowing oneself to feel all that is, it is possible to live with purpose. Anything short of this is withholding one of a true existence. Own your reality with such veracity that this can never be denied you. 


Sunday, July 23, 2017

What should the left ankle be thinking?

A man goes on his morning run. The man goes the same route he's done for the past several years. Now as you imagine the man running please pan down to his feet and ankles. The left foot lands on the ground as the right foot lifts up and behind himself. Then, the right foot lands on the ground as the left foot lifts up and behind. This happens over and over as it does every time the man goes on his morning run. However, this morning is different. The left foot steps on a pebble in the road causing the left ankle to twist. This event causes the left ankle a lot of pain and swelling. The right ankle was fine. The right ankle was doing everything the left ankle did so why is there problem?  The right ankle thinks to itself, my right foot steps on pebbles all the time yet I don't get injured. What should the left ankle be thinking? How does the left ankle react?

This story relates to problems we have and how we deal with them. The obvious answer for most is the ankle should be wrapped up, iced down, and rested for a few days. Heck, let's get wild and take a few ibuprofen while we're letting our imaginations go wild. That's the textbook way to deal with that problem. However, a lot of us don't do textbook things. We as people choose something. We choose to succeed or fail whether we know it or not. The thought may not come out that way but actions certainly show our deep intentions. The left ankle may choose to sit there for hours until the pain passes. Maybe it tells the right ankle to carry the load until everything is fine. The correct choices are clear to see but tend to be the most difficult to do. Conversely, failure tends to be the most convenient choice. MMA superstar Chael Sonnen once said "They'll tell you failure is not an option. That is rediculous, failure is always an option. Failure is the most readily available option at all times. But it's a choice. You can choose to fail or you can choose to succeed." That quote is powerful to me because it reminds me to accept the fact that I'm vulnerable. We're all vulnerable. Quitting is available to all of us immediately whenever a problem arises.

 So as the left ankle is resting in pain with a grim future. It's closest peer, the right ankle, is doing better and possibly looking down on him. The left ankle has let the rest of the body down. The situation isn't fair.

Take this moment to either:
A) Ask yourself, did I just read about a ankle?
B) Relate this story to your own problems whether big or small and ask yourself, what should the left ankle be thinking?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Always A Choice

           How common is it to hear someone say "I have to", or "I can't"? Almost everyday you will hear some contextual permutation of such nonsense. Is it not true that we have a choice in realistically any situation? Even to take an example of the extremis, though there is spectrum, the late Viktor Frankl of whom was a prisoner in a concentration camp stated "We can always choose our attitude, for that is something no man can take from another." The choice, the absolute power we have to control our attitude or response in any circumstance is the realization of true independence. Becoming independent means that we are able to dictate how our day runs; how our life goes. Imagine an autarchic life, operating on a set of principles that allows your person to function independently of that which surrounds you. 

           Let's contextualize this. So say I am at this job that I absolutely hate, "I have to go"........... NOT. "My manager is so unbelievable, he ruined my day first thing this morning"........NOPE. Here's the deal, it is your choice to work this job, indeed, you choose to stay. It is not your manager's fault that you are choosing to let his/her weakness control you. If you hate your job or something else in your life than do something about it, this is on you and you alone. You control your attitude to choose in response to any condition and guess what? How you choose your response is also your choice. As we continue through our daily struggles it will be of value to reflect on the fact that we always have a choice. In this way we are beings with infinite potential, functioning independent of dictation by circumstance. 



Monday, July 3, 2017

Discipline Defined

How many times have we heard the word discipline? How do you interpret that word when the invisible waves of air hit your ear drum causing those little bones in your ear to vibrate, sending nerve impulses to your cerebral cortex? Many of times we associate discipline with that of punitive action, or maybe that of negative consequence. American business man Jim Rohn states "We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment." One reason I like this quotes by Rohn is because it infers our ability to choose; indeed, if we choose discipline we can forego the regret or disappointment. Reduced to its most fundamental representation, discipline is the human capacity to subject ourselves to suffer in the present for that of which we want in the future. This takes the ability to envision something we want in such a real and powerful way that we are willing to face severe immolation for a chance of realizing that vision. This human ability leaves me in awe. In understanding discipline we can make the connection with that of purpose and suffrage; moreover, with a purpose or vision set in mind, discipline provides us to the means in which to accommodate the end. There is no way to violate this most natural of laws, Dr. Covey states "One cannot just sit and play the piano unless they have disciplined themselves in developing that skill."  You cannot cheat it or fake it, the work has to be put in. It is only from the bases of discipline that contentment can be had. Without discipline one simply wanders aimlessly without purpose or principle. We must discipline ourselves daily in seeking greatness, but insomuch that we must begin with a vision of greatness. 


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Push Comes To Shove

How does one respond when pushed?  What is the response to this stimulus? Interestingly enough, there is absolute universality in how the "push" stimulus will illicit response. From a thermodynamic and kinetic point of view, dynamic equilibrium will always be at play when restoring an imbalance. It is a natural law that things will try to maintain the most energetically favorable state. Are we any different? Do we not intrinsically obey this same law, not in a deterministic manner, but one of simple logistical contiguity. When we face adversity do we not automatically attempt to offset this inciting event? As humans, we have this interesting will to try and reach equilibrium in some way, in any way, when pushed off balance. What happens during this time between push and balance? I say this is where the "magic" happens, this is where we get to see what we are made of. Indeed, if we are never pushed off balance, or if we never have to operate out of our comfort zone, how can any true confidence exist. It is by these imbalances and deviations from equilibrium that force us into a compensatory state. During this time of regaining balance we can truly come to be defined. Confidence and surety cannot be born in absence of dissonance. Welcome that which is of trial and tribulation; these conditions are the only source from which strength and confidence can be constituted. 


Saturday, June 10, 2017

From The Inside Out

           The external perspective is the primary paradigm in which often we falsely identify ourselves. The way in which we interact with the environment and how we think we desire to be perceived by the externum. It is such that we interpret stimuli from our surroundings and translate this impression inwards, as though it could be of some distinction; indeed, of some significance. How abhorrent it is that we could even consider this subjective and debasing method in the attempt to understand oneself. There is only one singular monocotious way to begin to truly comprehend our infinite worth and individualistic significance. From the inside out. Until we can begin to interrogate ourselves, our innermost faculties, in no way can we begin to recognize ourselves. Start from within, the most fundamental representation of who we are. Not to be adulterated by, or subjected to, external qualification. Let it be such that the identity of oneself is established firmly in absolute disengagement from any outside influence. Only in this way, from the inside out, can irrevocable confidence and indisputable articulation of oneself be disinterred. 


Saturday, March 25, 2017


           Pain...... so obscure of which is the most reclusive of conditions. What is pain? and what is it's purpose? The doctor will tell you that pain is a mechanism meant to protect your body. The scientist will tell you that it is a simple electrical current generated by ionic flux caused by a "pain stimulus." However, I believe pain to hold a much deeper and significant meaning to the human condition. Pain can originate from the externis or the internis...... our mind and soul hath no way to differentiate. Congruent is the response elicited, whether pain is physically or psychologically derived. Pain is the ultimate of all human senses, the sense that coincides with conscious existence. Pain is such that without it we seize to live; the absolute reciprocal of mutual exclusivity, where an inseparable interdependence between life and pain exists. Without one you can in no way have the other. So how do we decide to accept and interpret this realization of pain in it's incircumventivity? We can all expect to experience pain at some point in our lives and it is of our determination in which to decide its meaning. It is my conviction that pain antecedes growth, physical or psychological. Then is strength in any way attainable in absence of pain? No. Is pain then coincident with weakness? No. By making the decision to acknowledge and accept pain, weakness is destroyed. Move forward, accepting pain in all it's reality in this life, that only in this way can we become strong.