Friday, July 1, 2016

The Beginning and The End

           I have reached a point of which I have dreamed for so long, for over eight years. A point in which I have to leave one thing behind for something that I hope that I will love more, while assuming an irreversible risk. As I begin my medical education on July 25th 2016, I will embark into the unknown. I know that this education will set me apart from my past, undoubtedly changing the course of my posterity. This is my main purpose, my drive. That not only can I serve to the best of my ability, but I can also pursue self actualization and potentiate that reality for my posterity. However, in order to endeavor these things, I have to leave behind the career I have built over the last nine years. Not only will I miss my career, but my men of whom I served with for the greater portion of my adult life. This leads to my point, where I must end one great experience in order to fulfill a greater purpose. Something much greater than myself. Something that will change the potential of my priceless posterity for generations to come.

          I will never forget the moment that I decided I wanted to become a doctor, and the work that it has taken to have this opportunity. The key to my success has been simply to believe that I had the potential to achieve my dream. Here I am at the brink of this decision I made so many years ago. I am ready, here I go.    


Friday, December 4, 2015

From Whence We Came.....

As I move forward having achieved intragenerational upward mobility I am constantly faced with things concerning my past. The antagonizing stimuli that cause reflection is such that I must explain myself in the context of my past for the purpose that I can be compared to others. It didn't take long to see that most people mistakenly perceive my past as that of a disadvantage. However, I have reached a different conclusion. Perhaps the misunderstanding is derived from the fact that it is hard to interpret and gauge something if it has not been immediately experienced. So, as having actually lived through my experience, I can confidently conclude that my past is that which provides me with great strength. I absolutely deny that my past has resulted in leaving me helpless or that I am disadvantaged because of it. I strongly urge those in similar situations to take serious thought to those that question and poke; that you can also see your own past only as a source of strength and confidence. 


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Significance or Non-significance?

           Our lives consist of our reality and that which concerns our limited focus on the microfocal perception of such. My contention is of our significance in such a vast universe and if we ourselves, as individuals, have any real impact. Our solar system is known to be one of a billion others, just in our galaxy, and our galaxy is that of one in an approaching asymptotic infinity of others. What is the impact of our seemingly unimaginable insignificance? However, my education in molecular science caused me to think microscopically as opposed to macro, and in doing so I seemed to have reached a sound compromise. On a level much too small for even the most advanced electron microscope to elucidate we have deducted that our bodies attain vital energy from the step-wise transfer of electrons, and the complex integration of functional proteins. The small, practically invisible, entities all serve a specific function that make human existence possible. By extrapolating this idea in the opposite manner I can't help but think that our existence is like that of the electron, relatively. That we play a functional role in all of existence, in the universe and beyond. Every human being that has ever existed, or that will ever exist, is able to be quantifiably differentiated by their genetic sequence. We are all unique. There can be no way to deny the that their is reason for human existence.

           I strive that every person should try and see beyond their own micro-existence, that we may be able to see our vital functionality in all of existence, how important we all are. This idea gives reason that we should all function to be our very best, that we may serve to contribute to those around us. Notwithstanding, to understand the real significance of our presence in all the vastness of the universe. We are the electrons and protons of the entire universe.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Finding Comfort In The Dark

           We are taught from young to plan, to think ahead, and to secure our future; indeed, these qualities are that of greatness, but also the cause of confusion. The true essence of living is actually letting go and realizing that nothing is this short little life is for certain. In all objective reality our most well planned goals and dreams can be influenced by factors beyond our control, indeed understanding the spontaneity of life will allow us to see life for what it really is. This learned concept of an idealistic reality, in which we try to control, is something that is most definitely important for success, however as long as we can understand its limitations and assumptions. More or less we must plan for the best, and hope that the worst never comes into fruition, however when it does, are we ready to deal? Finding comfort in situations which we never planned for or expected warrants, not anxiety, but hope for a new journey; indeed, uncharted territory may be the thing that we need most and should be embraced. True comfort and happiness in this life cannot be circumstantially dependent upon meeting one's perfectly planned trajectory, but moreover being independent of pre-determined notions. Embracing adversity is adaptation in itself, and increases our relative fitness for living realistically and accepting future's indeterminate forecast.

-W. Evans    

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day by Day....and Into the Future

Obtaining the "right" perspective when setting out on an exhaustive journey to achieve our goals can be very difficult. In my journey to reach my educational and familial goals I have had many struggles in maintaining a positive and healthy perspective. My journey will take many years to reach,indeed, consuming almost one fourth of my adult life. This can be overwhelming at times, and it can be very exciting as well. I get really overwhelmed when faced with the everyday grind, but keeping the end in sight helps me remember the purpose of why I am doing what I am doing. However, this perspective is in dynamic equilibrium in that some days I can't help but thinking "what am I doing, I have so much longer to go!!" This is where the shift in perspective with respect to the day-by-day outlook becomes beneficial. In these instances I say to myself "If I just keep doing what I am doing right now, I will undoubtedly reach my goal." Having flexibility in one's idea of the present and future helps to develop a long standing, and dynamic, perspective. I have been told by someone I admire dearly that "you must find joy in the journey", and I believe that adopting this philosophy and truly applying it will ensure that we find happiness along the long road we are travelling. Our experience in this lifetime is so very limited, as time continues at a constant and unstoppable rate. The only control that we have is in determining what we will do with our time. Are we going to worry it away? are we going to spend every moment focusing on our own individualistic affairs ? I believe that the greatest way we can spend our time is at the service of others, and with the ones we love the most. Overall, keeping in mind a day-by-day and long term perspective will help us stay on track in ensuring that our most precious of time is not wasted or worried away.

-W. Evans

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lets get Real

     As I made it through today, I was writing down my plans for the next week, and suddenly I had a point of increased consciousness in which I realized something totally unexpected. I suddenly all at once realized that how we live life every moment of every day should be instantaneously representative of who we want to become. We should not be so naive as to think that when we finally get to where we are planning that we will be different than who we are now; for better, or worse. I feel that this is one of the common misconceptions that people do finally realize, however to late, once they have reached their destination. So, just for the sake of being realistic and honest with ourselves, I think it is critical to start being the person today that we plan to be when we "get to where we are going".    

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Past: Relativeness and Gratitude

           Having some time to quietly dissect my thoughts, I arrived at the conclusion that all too often I find myself finding ways that I could have had a better past, a better upbringing. I believe that it is okay to do this in order to learn from your past, but I think that focusing on your past  is something that must done with the right attitude and not in excess. It is easy to pass judgement in retrospect, not having to understand the true dynamics of the moments in which key decisions were made by our parents. There is no way possible for us to fully understand the stimuli that they experienced in making critical decisions, however we can appreciate the intentions that they had, trying only to make only the best choices for us possible. I believe that we must view or past as a trial overcame, and an experience that has made us stronger. The conjugate view will lead us to believe that our past has limited us, and leads us further to bitter resentment. It is all too easy to look to your right and to your left, and see how other people may have exceeded because of there opportunistic past, but you might also find those with great opportunity that squandered it away. This leads to the conclusion that our pasts are only a relative factor in our success, and that we must take responsibility for ourselves and our future. We must be grateful from which we came, anything less would contradict the mechanism for which we have come to be. The  strong will take responsibility, the weak will place blame.

-Warren E.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Strive to Succeed

             I write today with great vigor in that I encourage us to all strive to push ourselves in order to achieve greatness. That through our trials and daily struggles that we all succeed with strength and diligence. I feel that we are individuals divided by our various experiences, and that we are defined by the manor in which react to our trials and our blessings. That we may accept and cherish our prosperity with a humble attitude, but that we also welcome our struggles and suffering that we may know our efforts to overcome these things are not meaningless. Our character and perspective of  life is shaped and molded by our experiences, let us accept every experience with a positive approach so that we can exude every possibility to further shape our growing knowledge of life. Only when we have stopped expanding our perspective, and have stopped striving for greatness in all that we do, shall we truly fail. We have been given a chance to live and to make our existence meaningful, for ourselves and for humanity; indeed, may we fully take ownership of every chance to do so. Although our endeavors will not be easy, the suffering and sacrifice that we must endure have purpose, we are defined by this and shall welcome the trials to come, and perceive these trials and sufferings as opportunity. 

- Warren E.    

Friday, September 21, 2012

Small steps = Big changes

          Through our daily progression everything seems to move along at a snails pace. We experience life instantaneously with respect to time, however we must not forget how fast this time accumulates. Some days may feel as if they take an eternity to go by, the paradox is that these are the bad days, and the good days go by fast. We must remember that if we know where we are going, than we will get there, indeed, we must take a moment and look beyond our instantaneous perspective of time. We must recognize the progress that we have made, one day at a time. Everyday is the next step to reaching your goal; one cannot get to the next step without passing the first. So, please give yourself recognition for the progress you have made and try to view life as an instantaneous experience that is leading you somewhere better. Looking forward to tomorrow give us hope for today.

If you have any thoughts, please feel free to comment.

Friday, September 14, 2012

When The Going Gets Tough

When the going gets tough what do you do? when things in life are tough and things seem like they are closing in, how do you respond? These are some great questions. In these situations people will do either one of two things, there is no intermediate or indeterminate case, one will either turn and run or stand and fight. Depending on many different learned environmental factors should predict how one responds intrinsically. However, this learned response to a stressful stimulus can be altered. I believe that if the stimulus for change is strong enough, that it will evoke change. Some people will indeed falter in the face of trial and tribulation; in contrast, this consistency validates those who do not falter, those that stand strong and keep their shoulder to the wheel - continuing to press on. Through the dark and dreary days are bright and sunny ones. The only way to differentiate dark from light is by experiencing both, indeed, without one the other doesn't exist. We must give our suffering purpose, for suffering without purpose is just suffering, but having a purpose to our suffering is living. We cannot expect to make it through life only experiencing sunny days. For we must welcome the stormy days and be thankful to have a purpose for suffering through to the sunny ones. When the going gets tough, get tough on the going.

If anyone would like to add some experiences, just post a comment.